Artist Statement

In my work, I apply painterly techniques to large-scale textile forms, creating sculptures that draw inspiration from the androgeny and fluidity of nature. Through my practice, I seek to highlight natural expressions of queerness and showcase a multiplicity of being. I explore expressions of connection and vulnerability, interrogating the complexity of relational dynamics as evidenced in plant and animal life. Strange forms evolve in response to environmental specificities, demonstrating adaptability,  resilience, and community. 

I utilize inherent associations between textiles and the body to activate a corporeal awareness in the viewer. The lush tactility evokes a sense of desire, a longing to touch and to connect. This invitation is contrasted with a projection of sharp hostility. The objects extend spiky extremities as protection, balancing fear and desire in a dance between self-preservation and connection.

My work participates in a larger dialogue around the limitations of socially constructed gender identities and promotes the naturalization of trans and intersex bodies. I am inspired by nature documentaries, queer ecology, Judith Butler’s theories on undoing gender, and Jane Bennett’s vibrant materiology. By presenting encounters with non-human life forms as sites of ambiguity and fluidity, I aim to expand ideas of physical normality.